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Fallen Four Park

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The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Park was created to commemorate the sacrifice of 4 RCMP Officers who died in the line of duty March 3, 2005. Constables Lionide Johnston, Anthony Gordon, Brock Myrol and Peter Schiemann. It also pays tribute to all fallen peace officers and first responders. The Fallen Four Memorial Park is visited by people from all over the world, on average over 7000 people visit us each year to pay their respects. The center compass feature, with it's giant center obelisk and 4 plinths supporting the bronze statues of the the four fallen officers is in need of repair. The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society (Registered Charity with CRA) is raising funds to repair the concrete plinths and replace the paving stones with poured concrete. All funds raised will go to this project .

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I sit alone on this terrible day,
And try to put to words, what my heart wants to say.
The tears run silently down my face,
As I think to myself.. what a world, what a place.

On a desolate farm, in a rural town,
A heartless soul was soon to be found.
He did not consider the 4 lives that he’d take,
Nor the devastation and sorrow, that he’d leave in his wake.

May our Guardian’s lives not have been lived in vain,
And may they serve to help make us strong again.
May their ultimate sacrifice remain strong in our hearts,
And from our minds, may the memory never depart.

When we wake in the morning, ready to start our day,
May we ever remember the price that they paid.
When we lay down to sleep, every night,
May we always remember that they died…


May God keep you safe.
-S. Begley


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You can help the Fallen Four Memorial Society in contributions of cash or by purchasing merchandise or one of our new statues. You can learn more about donations and contributions here...

Fallen Four Memorial Park

Effective January 1, 2021 the Fallen Four Memorial Visitor Center Building and land were transferred from the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society to the Town of Mayerthorpe.

The Society Board members felt it was important to transfer ownership of the property to protect the Fallen Four Memorial Park for the future. If the Society, at some point folded or shut down, the present Board was concerned that the park may be sold or fall into other hands. The Fallen Four Memorial Board approached the Town of Mayerthorpe to take over the property and protect it into perpetuity. A restrictive covenant was attached to the property so that it would always remain the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Park.

The Fallen Four Memorial Visitor Center Building was always an underutilized facility as the Society only operated it in the summer from May to September. After the 15th Anniversary of the tragic shooting the Fallen Four Memorial Society approached the Public Library and Town of Mayerthorpe to move the Library into the Visitor Center. The Mayerthorpe Public Library is now the permanent occupant of the Visitor Center. All the wonderful memorial items, cards, letters, paintings, Books of Condolences that were sent to the Fallen Four Memorial Society for the Museum and Visitor Center have been transferred to the RCMP Heritage Center in Regina, SK.

The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society still operates and maintains the Fallen Four Memorial Park and Memorial Statues. The Fallen Four Memorial Park statues and grounds are open to the public 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Visitors are welcome anytime and no pre-arrangements for tour or special visits are required.

If you have any questions please contact Margaret Thibault 780-786-2751 or Colette McKillop 780-785-9194.

Guided Tour appointments:  If your group would like to tour the Visitor Center & Park please contact us, at or calling 780-786-4990.

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This memorial is a wonderful way to remember the Fallen Four.

Lethbridge, AB

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