The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society

Box 3700 Mayerthorpe AB T0E 1N0    (780) 786-2033

About Donations

Code of Ethics

Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society

Initial meetings with prospective clients should not be construed as services for which payment is expected.

No payments or special consideration should be made to an officer, director, trustee, employee, or advisor of the society. No member, officer, director, trustee, employee may profit from the donations made by the client.

Fundraising expenditures are within the Alberta Charitable Fundraising Act.

The Society believes that, in the best interest of clients, solicitation of donations are undertaken by Board members, staff and other volunteers.

Subsequent to analysis or study, the Society should engage a client only when the best interest of the client and the Society are served.

Member Firms do not engage in methods that are misleading to the public or harmful to their clients; do not make exaggerated claims of past achievement; and do not guarantee results of promise to help clients achieve goals.

Any potential conflict of interest should be disclosed by the firm to clients and prospective clients.

Member Firms will not acquire or maintain custody of funds and/or gifts directed to the client organization.