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kids 4 cops

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Kids for Cops

Kids 4 Cops an integral part of the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society

The events that took the lives of the four young RCMP Constables shook the surrounding communities of Mayerthorpe and Whitecourt. The events also shattered the country's feelings of safety and trust. Children turned to their parents for explanations and reassurance, but this type of tragedy was difficult to make clear to them.

School children from one end of the country to the other responded by sending hundreds of letters, cards, and artwork to the detachment in Mayerthorpe and Whitecourt, each one created with love from their wide open hearts.

Five young ladies from Mayerthorpe realized that students of all ages, in small towns and big cities, were scared and hurting and wanting to do something to help. They said it was good to hug people when they were sad, but they felt they had to do more.

That’s when the idea came to Megan Sangster and Haley Martin, both daughters of Mayerthorpe RCMP officers, of how they could give every student across Canada an opportunity to do something constructive with their grief.

The girls wrote letters and went on television asking students from every school in Canada to donate one dollar and become part of the lasting legacy of the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial. The girls approached Margaret Thibault, chairperson of the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society, and became a sub-committee.

The two Elmer Elson Elementary School students recruited three Mayerthorpe Jr./Sr. High School students: Katherine Lakeman, Katie Mattson, and Megan's older sister Laura.

It was Laura who created the name Kids 4 Cops. The numerical ‘4’ represents the four officers, and the "Kids" represents the children and teens all across Canada.

The girls felt a loonies is something easy enough for all students to donate, an amount they can take from their allowance, or can be earn ed easily. They also felt it was important that not only local children, but all children everywhere have an opportunity to prove that kids really care, and when they decide to, kids can do anything! Every student who contributes can take pride in having helped create a lasting memorial tribute to not only our four fallen RCMP officers, but Law Enforcement, Officers who wear the uniform all across the nation. They will be a part of a living legacy.

The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society and the whole community are so proud of these five young women who knew and loved these officers. They suffered a frightening tragedy, and they were in the glare of the media for a while, but they handled themselves with grace, dignity and integrity.

The donations that the Kids 4 Cops committee has received from schools across Canada has been healing and heartwarming, and has brought students together for this common cause. There are still many schools yet to respond, and the challenge will continue for the group into the 2005-2006 school year.

If your school has not heard about the Kids 4 Cops and their project (see About the Memorial), take it to your students. Get a teacher to spearhead it, collect the loonies, write a cheque to Kids 4 Cops and mail it to Box 3700 Mayerthorpe AB. Please include your school name, grade, teacher, and all students involved if possible.

So far the Kids 4 Cops have raised close to $34,000, and are aiming for $100,000. The donations received will go toward the Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial project.

Together we will make good things happen. And TOGETHER, KIDS CAN DO ANYTHING! Please join us.