The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Memorial Society

Box 3700 Mayerthorpe AB T0E 1N0    (780) 786-2033

Does the Society keep financial records?

The Mayerthorpe Fallen Four Society was incorporated under the Society Act of Alberta in July 2005. The Society received official recognition as a Charitable Organization by Alberta Government Services on September 16, 2005 The Society adopted bylaws as written by Alberta Corporate Registries. In accordance with the bylaws, any person residing in Alberta and being of the full age of 18 years, may become a member by a favorable vote passed by a majority of the members at a regular meeting of the society, and upon payment of a fee.

The Society maintains proper financial procedures and records in accordance with normal accounting practices. The books and records of the Society may be inspected by any member of the Society at the Annual Meeting or at any time upon giving reasonable notice and arranging a time satisfactory to the officer having charge of the same. In compliance with the Alberta Charitable Fundraising Act 9(1)(a) A copy of the most recent financial information will be provided to any person who requests it and 9(2)the Society may establish a reasonable fee for providing a copy of its financial information based on the cost of reproducing the documents and postage. Monthly income and expense statements are presented to members at each monthly meeting.